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Absolutely 100% Hiddles. A blog dedicated to spreading and multiplying love for all things Tom Hiddleston. I will mostly just reblog stuff from other sites. I take no credit for any of the things I post. All credit goes to the wonderful, creative people who made them. No fuss, no muss. Just pure admiration for the man and his work. Note: all my follows are done from my main blog, noelgisgod.

In which Loki has no time for pint-sized Thor fangirls. [x]

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Crying like a man by Tom Hiddleston

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A fantastic way to spent an evening.

I ADORE this part! He is just chillin reading a book while all hell is breaking loose outside.

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Loki was brought up with the expectation of entitlement — he was born to rule, both Thor and Loki were born to be kings. And yet, there is no kingdom for Loki, so he has to find one. So he’s come down to earth to subjugate humanity and rule the human race as their king. I guess we’ve skirted over the facts of where Loki disappeared to, but we’ve imagined that he’s had a pretty horrible time and this is his kind of last chance at giving himself an identity or a home, somewhere to belong to.” — Tom Hiddleston

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Okay so here’s one of the many reasons why I love this man. The way he gets carried away in a conversation about a topic that he’s really passionate about is extremely attractive because you can see his face light up and his eyes sort of twinkle in a way that makes you physically not being able to look away. Like what Chris Evans once said, ‘I got lost in Tom’s glow.’

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